Things About Spiritual Practice That No One Told You!

  1. Thousands of institutions, books, countless blogs, and quite a bit of legitimate science advocates the benefits of positive thinking. Likewise, spiritual practices are no different, it praises the benefits of positive thinking and sells the idea of experiencing happiness by being positive.
  2. Spirituality is a booming industry. In these trainers, practitioners promote a toxic positive approach towards life and reject difficult emotions. The anger, love, envy, insecurities, hope, fear, desires, pain, and all other emotions that we feel as humans are part of our existence. It’s important to accept what I’m feeling and affirm my state of being. They promise to provide tools that will bring happiness.
  3. The labeling of positive and negative feelings may encourage me to show my bright shining side as being positive is socially acceptable but it is important to allow myself to be what it is.
  4. The practices also rely on the principles of the law of attraction.
  5. Many times spiritual teachings condition people to think that they are on an awakening path, getting enlightenment, they need to protect their energy. The teaching can sometimes create a false belief of feeling superior.
  6. It is important to take professional help if going through mental health issues like anxiety, depression, or any other form of mental health than relying on positive affirmations and faith.
  1. Three spiritual practices to avoid
  2. The promise of a developing reiki practice
  3. The impact of spirituality on mental health
  4. Letting go of beliefs



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