Hindsight: My Year In A Gist

Reflection is a key part of the learning process. It brings more self-awareness and enables us to take key learning from experiences and mistakes. Likewise, our journey at India Fellow began with looking back at our key moments and drawing our life map. The induction days began with a lot of chaos and confusion blended with fun. After all, when there are 20+ people in a room, coming from diverse background, there has to be different perception. By the time strangers became family it was time to say good bye to Udaipur from where it all began. Now stepping towards the end of the fellowship, I’m making an attempt here to voice my thoughts and exhibit my journey, hopefully for the benefit of those who follow and nostalgia for those before me.

This Year Is About Uncertainty

The Desire To Belong And Be Accepted

arey, ye yaha se nahi hai, lekin baki hum sabhi yahi ke rehne wale hain isliye aap araam se bhejiye apni beti ko, hum sabhi ek hi hai”

“aap ladki hai, aapko khaane me saath nahi le ja sakte yahaan ka alag mahaul hai … aap mat chaliye; sab fir apko dekhenge” “arey aapko abhi kuch nahi pata, aap nayi hai … aap bahar se aayi hai … aap nahi janti”

True, that it is the local and community people after all who will drive change in their community and therefore we fellows were said first create a space for yourself during induction. In my journey I learnt why it is important to create space for ourselves; but I’m still left groping with a question — how does one create space for themselves? We all are humans with different faiths, beliefs and biases. To me, I wish people would understand me but how many times was I ready to challenge my own self and understand others? If there is something that has kept me going is a learning that i am not entitled to anything by virtue of being there, the world does not owe me anything. And any gestures of love and affection from people brings me happiness. What is ironic is despite longing for belonging, felt disconnected with family and close friends happened all through the past year …

The Disconnect With The Family

There Are No Black And White Answers All The Time

The Savior Syndrome And Helplessness

If You Want To Be In The Non-profit Space …

The Art Of Failure

Originally published at https://www.indiafellow.org on January 31, 2020.



Explorer | Reflector | Learner | Writing - the unheard voice and sharing stories that matter.

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Explorer | Reflector | Learner | Writing - the unheard voice and sharing stories that matter.